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    Transport Cornwall to West Sussex

    A friend is looking for professional horse transporter to pick up and deliver a new horse. If possible she is looking for a shared load. Does anyone have a recommendation please? many thanks
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    Copra or linseed meal

    I give my 27yr old WB who can’t manage hay micronised linseed all year and add Equijewel if he’s looking like he’s dropping weight.
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    Can anyone afford to keep a horse anymore?

    The yard I’m on had doubled the number of horses increased the livery charge, reduced the size of my grazing and restricted us to day turn-out from the 1st October to 1st April. This in itself increases my costs. The lack of rain means my fields are bare and I’ve used both my summer and most of...
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    Fly rug opinions please

    My two horses wear both rugs and masks day and night. Masks are checked and refitted when they’re fed morning and evening. If they come in for the day it’s all taken off to give them a break. If the weather is windy I take them off for a few hours as they enjoy grooming each other. I wouldn’t...
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    Should there be a weight limit for people at shows (and if so, what and how?!)

    So you had no idea until someone else pointed it out that you were fat?
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    Should there be a weight limit for people at shows (and if so, what and how?!)

    For me this whole discussion is conflating being overweight for one’s “body type” (for want of a better description) and being too heavy for the horse one is riding. The two are not synonymous. if you’re overweight for your body type then as long as you’re not too heavy for the horse it’s...
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    Hay replacers

    Baileys horse feeds say - We’ve been collecting forage analysis results for 14 years and they show that, on average, hay has a Digestible Energy (DE) (or ‘calorie’) content of around nine megajoules per kilogram (MJ/kg). My simple systems Haycare has around 8-10 MJ/kg and their blue bag grass...
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    wood pellets (pricing) or alternative

    When I compared miscanthus and straw pellets to the cost of wood pellets there wasn’t much difference in price. My cleaner horse I’m probably going to go back onto soft chip and my messy one can finish up the 19 bags of wood pellets I still have and I won’t be doing a full summer clean out as...
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    Saving bees from drowning

    Yes the one they are most attracted to is blue. They also really liked the purple one in my other paddock but it’s green and slimy at the moment as unused. They’re not so interested in the green or red trugs.
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    Saving bees from drowning

    In my water trugs. Any ideas? I’ve floated some wood in them but the horses keep taking it out.
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    Is this Fleabane?

    I don’t think I’ve ever smelt it. I certainly don’t notice any scent when I’m around it.
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    Does anybody have someone ride their horse just as and when they can?

    I’ve had a couple of sharers who didn’t have regular slots. We just worked it out on a week by week basis. Mine have always ridden out with me on one of my two horses.
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    Is this Fleabane?

    We’ve got a lot of fleabane like yours in our fields and it’s never caused any gastric issues. It does however spread really badly via sending out rhizomes and we had to have our fields sprayed as it was taking over. Three years later and it’s re- establishing itself. It’s very pretty though and...
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    Hay replacers

    I’m currently feeding my 27yr old with little grinding surface a couple of scoops of Pure Feeds Meadow Mash in one trug and a couple of scoops of Simple Systems Haycare mixed with one scoop of splllers fibre cubes in another. Both are soaked. He’s only in sometimes during the day at the moment...