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    Kitten watch thread

    Oh no you’re making me kitten broody 😍. I had to fight the urge last year but luckily prices were so ridiculous I was able to hold off. I also still fruitlessly hope my ginger boy will decide to come back but maybe …
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    Those of you with the older horse

    My 26yr old is hacked about 3 times a week. He’s still naughty and bucked my 72yr old sharer off a few weeks ago 😱. He was diagnosed with SI injury when he was about 11 and he had an annular ligament op on both hinds when he was 19yrs. However I’ve managed to keep him going. He also does...
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    Will he won't he ........

    Oh he’s gorgeous 😍 I’m very jealous. My lovely ginger decided to move in with an elderly neighbour and I’m pretty gutted. His name is Chilli aka Chilli bean although now he goes by the imaginative name of Gingy 😳. I got a black kitten at the same time called Pepper so it was Chilli Pepper.
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    Those that remember the Connie being tested for HWSD that probably wasn't a Connie....

    Congratulations! Hope you have lots of years of fun together 😄
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    Rugging an older horse

    My 26 year old WB has started shivering this year if he gets wet even if it’s not that cold. He’s got a very fine coat especially in summer. Currently he wears a fly rug during the day and a lightweight over the top at night even if it’s dry. He always has a lightweight on at least if it’s...
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    Rubber Matting

    I definitely wouldn’t again now I know what PITA they are to lock together 😫however they were a bargain off a fellow livery and they’ve done 3 years so far so I feel I’ve had a good deal - not so much if I’d paid a lot for them.
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    Rubber Matting

    I’ve got heavy black matting in one stable that’s fitted snugly and I never move it. Been down about 7 years. I always have a decent bed on it of wood pellets although I run it down over summer as out pretty much 24/7 and put in fresh for the winter. In my other stable I’ve got the light EVA...
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    Tipping water buckets

    For feeding my veterans hay replacer I use a trug on the floor clipped with a two way clip onto a tie up ring on the wall at a low level. He’s terrible for tipping over and crushing anything not nailed down. Would work for water too.
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    You sound like a lovely reasonable person that many of us reliant upon livery or rentals would be very appreciative of so I’m sorry your experience of this livery has been a negative one. At least she’s leaving without much fuss! I have two horses on about two acres split into 4 paddocks. In...
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    Who’s cried in a lesson?

    I can’t remember a specific incident but certainly I’ve cried usually from pent up frustration about either my lack of skill or not being able to control fear. I think I’m lucky in that I’ve not had any instructors treat me in a way that specifically made me cry. I tend to get a bit whiny to...
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    Leather Headcollars

    Well my toad of a horse had a melt down at a “fun ride” and broke the aforementioned brand new leather headcollar irreparably in two places and flipped off around the Horsebox park with his saddle under his belly that I’d been in the process of doing up. Saddle and horse fortunately survived...
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    Climate change personal action!

    So agree with this. I have some matchy stuff but I use it all the time until it’s either completely worn out or I sell it on. I’ve rarely thrown anything horsey away unless it’s completely wrecked and generally I only buy good quality makes such as Rambo which last decades. I’ve often...
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    Fly rugs on or off 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Mine too especially my old boy.
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    Climate change personal action!

    I do 7,300 miles a year going to the yard and back twice a day as on DIY. Cycling 20 miles a day on top of caring for and riding them and working full time isn’t realistic. Before I got my dog I did cycle a bit during the summer but it’s a hideous ride because of the traffic and I can’t take the...
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    stable bandages that shavings don't stick to?

    If you have to use fleece I find if you brush them off with a dandy brush before you remove them it’s a lot easier to get the flakes off.