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    Truly disgusting!

    Well I certainly hope you are reading this Imperial Horses, truly disgusting. That poor baby horse has now had the WORST start possible.
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    An apology to my yard owner

    Got to love HHO :D
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    Quite often the police will get certain people/family members to make a public appeal for a reason. They will have watched every facial expression, body movement and each word. There is a reason why they got the step grandfather to do a public appeal :(
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    Backing the young horse - NOT the MR way!!

    Does JanetGeorge need to advertise? I doubt it. I enjoy watching JG's videos and reading her posts as with alot of other posters on here. JG's horses are a credit to her and her staff. Even if this thread hadn't been posted, her yard would have been my first port of call if I was ever to...
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    I'm I the only one who doesn't ride?

    Aw thank you, that has made me smile. I'm going to have a break for a couple of months and see how I feel. But really, thank you its very kind :)
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    I'm I the only one who doesn't ride?

    I stopped riding a couple of months ago when I sold my mare. After a few bad experiences with equestrian people, I can't see me ever bothering again. I don't post here anymore either but do read every now and then.
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    Do you wear a body protector when out hacking?

    Yes, always wear one riding. Some very flawed logic on here though.
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    More help for a towing newbie - PLEASE! :D

    I would suggest a couple of lessons with a qualified instructor.
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    ITV Now - Martin Clunes Horsepower

    Ah, really enjoyed that for the 2nd time. It's making me want another! But I'm holding out for a couple of months....
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    ITV Now - Martin Clunes Horsepower

    As the title :) A repeat of the original series I think.
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    What do you think of this horse?

    Why would a gag put you off?
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    What do you think of this horse?

    Yes he is. He was bought by a member of their staff who has decided to sell as she can't afford him. You'll have to be quick though as there seems to be quite a bit of interest.
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    What do you think of this horse?

    I've got that dealer on my fb page, he's sold I'm afraid. They've got plenty of others in though, but they do sell pretty quickly.
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    What to do now?

    Depo - contraception ;) used for humans too. Have you spoken to your vet about the timing of the injection? With her season starting the day after the jab, it might have been too late for this season but may work for the next? Or I might be talking a load of rubbish :D
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    Electric fence escapees

    I had that problem at a yard I was at. The only thing keeping my mare in was a strand of white tape and the YO kept complaining that she was breaking through. Well she will if there's no electric going through it - doh! What does the YO say about it?