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    What's wrong with your horse?

    She's a bit special? :p
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    Horrific accident

    Saw this! Feel awful for family and rider of horse who kicked out! :(
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    Very big horse owners!

    I have the same issue with my Clydesdale x TB - The TB has only lightened him to an extent. :D I tried a stubben noseband that I had laying around in full - really smart... Didn't even get halfway around his nose. :o Join #twittereventing on fb - I remember there being quite a few posts...
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    Buyer Beware - PREMIER EQUINE

    My Amigo has done the same thing. Didn't complain - just sewed it back up! I once bought a Shires rug many years ago.. Horse managed to put a leg through the side overnight and he never touched or ripped his rugs! Place I bought from refused to refund so it got sent to the rug repairs for a...
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    Working student video?

    Depends. If you're applying for a show jumping / eventing yard i'd try and borrow a friend's horse and jump some bigger courses if you can. I'd show myself riding a variety of different horses and show the basics - walk, trot, canter etc. Leg yield, shoulder in, half pass, flying changes or...
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    Would Ted like a H&H friend?

    What about a Big Ted cross that acts and thinks he's a Small Ted? ;) Just imagine a herd of shitelands.. like a pack of very naughty dogs.
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    Cotton backed light wool girth cover with Wintec girth?

    Girth covers are made for girths. Unless they are shaped covers there are no limitations.
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    Anyone appealed land going to housing?

    Nope, when someone objected for our stables (they are no where near our property - on the other side of the village and were affected in no way - just grumpy hags) we were told who it was.
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    Turnout in a Dually headcollar - would you?

    Put a chifney on it then - take chifney off and horse can just go. If horse starts to pull with it still stuck in its mouth you let go - it will come out!
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    I'm torn between clydesdale or RID - your views please.

    He's still very heavy for a cross with TB. The feather has been minimised a lot but still has the movement of a clydesdale with added lightness. Although I work him at Novice level he is trained to about Elementary level and would easily do it with a dressage rider. And feet wise - if he wants...
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    Anyone identify this stallion?

    It is, thank you so much! :)
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    I'm torn between clydesdale or RID - your views please.

    My Farrier LOVES shoeing mine! Well.. he's barefoot but he loves doing him. Says it's because they have such fantastic feet. My lad goes about 9 weeks without issue.
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    I'm torn between clydesdale or RID - your views please.

    You've seen my Clyde. Albeit a cross thoroughbred. He's very light on his feet! I'd say go for either. Whichever comes up and is most suitable. :)
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    Anyone identify this stallion?

    Said as being Leprince Des Bois but upon searching for more info the stallion comes up with no white face! White face Hind right sock Dark bay Apologies if photos are overly large.
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    Do you lunge with gadgets

    De Gogue or draw reins on one. Pessoa (dislike though) or draw reins on the other.