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    WHW and BHS

    I changed to WHW a few years ago - same insurance was cheaper and I am also putting a section in my will leaving my horses to them to ensure they are taken care of if anything happens to me.
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    Pictures Week 3 progress with the palomino

    Love reading your updates. She sounds lovely. Sorry to hear about your dad.
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    My feral cat

    She's beautiful. Thank you for doing this. And good luck recapturing the second.
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    Puppy decisions. :-)

    Wales is nothing! My friends flew to Scotland with a crate and hired a car back to Essex to collect their black lab pup last year! Hope it goes well.
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    Sleep well, big dog

    So sorry, thinking of you.
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    Sleep well Aled

    So sorry. Your love for him has always shone through in your posts.
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    Can I have a moan about the CPL please.

    There is a small rescue in Essex that I follow on facebook, they have a couple of cats they are looking for a farm type home for for a long time - Purrs Cat Rescue.
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    Keeping Horse(singular) at home

    when you have children, you will need a pony for them anyway!
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    Should I get another cat?

    I'm going to disagree with everyone else and say get another cat :-) I have 3, one of those I got as a kitten to keep a very playful 5 year old company. They all get on and sleep and play together. A huge cat tree and wall beds so they can chase around have been huge hits too. You 'just' need...
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    Sleep tight my darling.

    Brave decision, RIP Mac.
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    Once upon a time......(sad :( )

    Gosh, in tears for you here. RIP Willow.
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    GSD puppy

    congratulations, he's gorgeous!
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    So proud of my girl!

    Sorry to hear about your horse, but a lovely Luna update. She looks very regal!
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    Old horse winter vet check

    Yes it would make your life easier, but if he is in bad enough health that these things are a genuine concern on a daily basis, then it's not about making your life easier, it's about his quality of life. Don't let anyone guilt trip you.
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    so sweet, thank you for sharing.