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    See I thought horse buying was supposed to be fun

    Horse buying was one of the most stressful, upsetting and disappointing experiences ever and I nearly gave up by the time I went to see my mare! It took nearly a year, but that’s including Covid lockdowns. just keep looking and the one will come along ☺️
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    Shocked and heartbroken

    Oh how sad 😞
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    John Whitaker rug sizing?

    I bought a fly rug which was also a great deal compared to others... the reason being that it was designed by someone who’d never been near a horse!! The belly straps were placed too low on the rug, so they were so low to the ground even once done up that it was dangerous and my mare would...
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    Absolutely not! A statue, yes 100% though.
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    Water treadmill

    It’s not your fault! We place a lot of trust in those we employ to care for our horses, and it’s on them if the treatment is incorrect. I hope he gets sorted soon ❤️
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    Water treadmill

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your horse, AE 😞 in my experience, the water treadmill has been really beneficial - the one near me is operated by a team of excellent vet physios, which I think is really important. From what I’ve seen on Instagram, the operators of different centres have...
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    H&H news - 'Injured brood mare flown to hospital in helicopter harness'

    I saw something like this on an american vet programme years ago! Apparently they have no concept of flight so aren’t scared!
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    Mine was about £300 in September, in Berkshire. So I’d say yours is very expensive!!
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    Horse bit fitting consultations?

    I had one recently and it was great! I have very limited knowledge of how bits actually work though so I needed an expert 😊 mine talked me through the confirmation of my mares mouth, what she would probably like, how she was going in the bit etc. Really useful!
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    Guy lodge farm

    Hi all has anyone got experience of this yard or others nearby? thanks!
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    General Public's perception of Horse Riders

    I find that even driving in my car is scary these days. People rarely drive at the speed limit, drive right up behind you, change lanes without any regard for others - and people are so, so angry to be held up for a matter of 5 seconds because I’ve judged it not safe to pass the bus, or to turn...
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    Best treats/licks/things to spoil your horse with

    Bizzy licks are great! My mare has no interest in likits but loves her bizzy. Horslyx are also incredibly popular at my yard!
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    Ebony Horse Club, Brixton 😊

    Yes this has unlocked a memory! I absolutely loved that programme!
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    Leggings?! And other tech newness

    There’s not a huge difference, but gym leggings are thinner and tend to get more rubbed than riding leggings. Riding leggings (depending on the brand) seem to have a slippier material. I do still ride in gym leggings occasionally, but I do notice a difference in comfort!
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    Horse or House?!

    I faced the same dilemma and chose horse, and don’t regret it one bit 😉 it was something I’ve always dreamt about so worth it for me. One day I might get a house!