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    Gonioscopy / Glaucoma advice please…

    Not sure what you mean by the older" affected" diagnosis or more modern stage 3 diagnosis? Are you referring to the chart on the kennel club website? Gonioscopy is the...
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    Lead Rein Pony - HELP

    Honestly I would agree with the other posters saying to sell the pony to a more suitable home. Your daughter is too young for a green newly backed pony, ideally you need a "been there done that" pony who is probably in their late teens/twenties. I would ask around your yard or local pony club...
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    Feline dementia?

    Animals can definitely become anxious, disorientated, confused etc as they get older. It can also be a sign of something else. In an older cat, hyperthyroidism or renal failure are quite likely. Does her sight seem ok? Blindness could be another potential cause and is commonly a result of high...
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    So as not to derail another thread: does your dog need to bring you toys when you come in?

    Border collie, but was not the smartest. Fetch was his most favourite thing to do. He used to bring me all his toys whenever I came inside and put them all in a big pile by the front door. His favourite was a soft hedgehog which he would carry around and lick. Never chewed it. I threw it away...
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    Hobbies after giving up horses

    I had to give up horses due to moving to London to pursue a new career, although I did share a pony for a bit. I read more, went to the gym, cycle etc. I took up drawing for a bit. I now live in NZ. My main new hobbies are hiking and photography. My next thing is paddle boarding, looking to buy...
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    Feed options for weight gain?

    I would advise a vet check over if not had one already, and a giant breed puppy food.
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    Early stage kidney disease in cat

    Common side effects of kidney failure include nausea, so going off foods happens quite a lot. I advise most people to keep a selection of a few different flavours/brands. Renal diets are the best thing for slowing down the progression of kidney failure, but they obviously aren't as palatable as...
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    High blood pressure in cats

    Lots of reasons why a cat can have high blood pressure. I would be a bit concerned that your vet isn't investigating further. Your cat will need to have a blood pressure reading at least. Most clinics I have worked in will have the cat in for the day and take repeated readings during the day...
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    Pigmentation in gums

    Looks like normal pigmentation to me. Very common in dogs. If you are worried you could email them a photo.
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    Should I get the cat?

    Agree with above, if you like the cat you can try....but if it doesn't work out then have a back up option. I had a male & female from the same litter. They HATED each other, were only happy when we finally separated them at 17...
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    Loan with view to buy

    I think they can work well for buyers, although very hard to find as many sellers won't want a potentially ruined horse (either from injury or training) coming back to them and being worth less than before. Most LWVTB I have come across are to help sell quirky horses. Most younger uncomplicated...
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    What would you do

    Whatever you do please be aware that many riding school ponies can be very different out of the riding school environment. In the riding school they may get ridden for a few hours a day. In a private home they are generally exercised a lot less and can turn from school plod to whizzy naughty...
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    Any Birman breeders (or knowledgeable owners) on here?

    Sorry didn't mean to put you off, rather point out that in my experience they are quite different to Burmese in terms of their behaviour. I know many people with Birmans who love them and wouldn't hesitate to get another, they just like most things to be on their terms more so than other breeds...
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    Any Birman breeders (or knowledgeable owners) on here?

    Not any help regarding breeders or costs, but I just wanted to say that Burmese are (literally) pussycats compared to Birmans :D From my experience of working in a vets and seeing a lot of exotic cats, Birmans can be VERY sassy.
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    Noise reactive dog

    Have you thought about a longer term anxiolytic medication (one that is given everyday rather than just before the event) and training to condition her to certain noises. You can play them from youtube. TBH if it is that bad and getting worse, I would seek help from a qualified behavourist, Your...