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    Any idea how..

    I can't help with removing the diesel from the numnah, but for cleaning your washing machine afterwards - well, I've had too much practise (middle son is a bus mechanic, and we've had two batches of contaminated diesel in a year that he has had to drain from 100+ buses each time. I swear he...
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    Having a bit of a wobble!

    Hope you're having a great day.
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    Aaaand, we're back in the game...

    aw, it's always a wonderful view through those happy ears. Obviously nothing better than an Alf snack on the go.
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    a good productive weekend

    Isn't it good to see all your efforts being rewarded. Love his tache!
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    Child riding horse- saddle?

    It may not be ideal, but as a child from the age of 5 I regularly rode 17HH horses - but not heavy build. I used the saddles that fitted the horses, and managed just fine. From the age of 9 I rode an IDxTB (more of the chunky stamp), and as he was shared with my Dad, the saddle had to fit my...
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    Prone To Tying Up - Getting Competition Horse Fit Again

    The first thing that pops into my head is has she been tested for PSSM?
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    Rest in Peace Flick

    Ah Lev, so sorry. RIP Flick
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    PM sent.
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    Who would have thought it

    She's such a sweet, willing girl. It's such a shame that this type so often end up being pushed too far in the wrong hands because they will keep going and the signs that they are uncomfortable are so very subtle.
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    Jumping position weak ankle

    Having broken my left ankle twice (the first only diagnosed 24 years after the event), I can ride flat or slow hacking in long boots, but find that I am better with short boots and gaiters for jumping and fast hacking i.e. shorter stirrups. Just a thought.
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    This week's Horse & Hound

    OH has just informed me that mine has just been delivered.
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    Benefits of no stirrup work

    Another benefit of work without stirrups is that it's useful for those riders who throw themselves forward in upward transitions as the rider is more inclined to stay balanced by remaining upright and not in front of the movement. I'm another of the old school who spent lots of time without...
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    feeling like a beginner all over again

    Aw, so glad you found each other - it was obviously meant to be. See, when you find the right partner it's just so good. So happy for you (and so jealous as I am horseless and will be for a good few years).
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    Sleep well, big dog

    Aww, CT, so sorry. Sleep well, Brig.
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    Any ideas what this could be?

    Yep, another one thinking it sounds exactly like an abscess.