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    Lorry sulphur smell

    Definitely do not move it until it has been checked. Most likely to be batteries, but they may not be the root cause.
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    Laminitis question

    I agree, sometimes it isn’t possible. And it’s a wise and caring owner who recognises this, and puts an end to the misery. Condolences to your friend.
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    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    Oh he is putting you through the wringer. Glad he is in the mend, and good that you caught it so quickly (again).
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    Survey for masters dissertation

    Normally such a survey would contain information such as which institution. Has your supervisor seen your survey? Also, I do understand that not everyone has a perfect grasp of grammar and spelling, but if you do find this difficult, please always get someone to proof read for you. It makes...
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    Beware old riding hats

    Just aaaarrrrrgggghhhjjjjj!
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    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    Yay, have been quietly following this thread hoping for this good news.
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    Slightly ‘off’ on hind

    Agree with everyone else. Get your vet to examine and stop work in the meantime. (I don’t agree that she is in heavy work. To me, she is in light work.)
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    Yard boot/footwear reccommendations!

    In summer when I don’t need to go wading I use Bates 5” tactical boots. Supportive, comfortable, breathable, tough. Just not stirrup safe.
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    Pony share at stables

    Just cancel the direct debit at your end online. Then tell them he is not attending. What has been happening is pure exploitation. I hope somebody more local to you can suggest a better riding school - it needs to be fun and not drudgery for him.
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    Yard boot/footwear reccommendations!

    Grubbs Frostline - mine are now 6 years old. OK, I don’t wear them every day but they have done four winters of worn all day both days at weekend. Mud, water, fields, mucking out, teaching.
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    Website/Book Recommendations

    Sounds like you got so much more out of this lesson. Glad you enjoyed yourself - after all this is why we do it.
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    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    This. With bells on. I’ve been with all of our animals at the end. I’m a sobbing wreck afterwards, but am utterly calm and reassuring until they are gone. I’m also one of those that will be there for those who can’t lead the horse out to the place. It’s a privilege to ensure that i can make...
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    Maiden mare

    Fingers crossed that all goes well today.
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    Goodbye Keaton

    So sorry, he was a handsome lad.
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    A boring but quick request

    I now feel very annoyed with myself for ignoring the red flags of the missing information. OP, YOU should have told us that it was not your survey. Wrong on multiple levels. And this is feedback intended for you.