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    Is this a red flag in a youngster?

    I would expect here to have tight spots, that's why they have physio and it's good that she's been treated. The red flag to me would be that she's been trained... make no mistake about what that entails - galloping, hard and regularly at a very young age, before they are really mature enough to...
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    Which wormer?

    Thanks for the replies! I'm going to order a tapeworm test then worm as necessary with Equimax. They were wormed for encysted red worm, it's just worming for tapeworm that's been overlooked.
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    Which wormer?

    The tapeworm test is a saliva test isn't it? Is it accurate? I ask this because when I was DIY, these tests were just hitting the market and there were lots of doubts about their accuracy. I appreciate things will have moved on and improved since then but does anyone know if these can be relied on?
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    Which wormer?

    The yard owner (due to ongoing personal issues) forgot to organise worming so we have essentially missed worming for tapeworm. Is it too late to do this now? I'm assuming it's not and which would be best, Pramox (this is what I used when DIY) or Eqvalan Duo (what the YO intended to use). We are...
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    Octopus's Garden by the Beatles - just the first sentence on repeat :p
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    Not physio - my horse has a massage every 6 months, it's more a feel good treatment but if any sore areas flag up, I get physio out. Physio is £70. Massage is £45.
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    Fly rug recommendations

    I've got the Rambo Flybuster Vamoose. Actually I've got two - the old version and the new version which has a bigger neck cover. Not actually used the new version yet - the old one has lots of life left in it! I got it from Eileen Douglas Tack Shops Ltd - they have some good offers on Rambo fly...
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    Shires Blenheim Soft Grip Rubber Reins or similar

    Does anybody have these reins and if so, do you like them? Are they soft but hardwearing? Do you recommend? I desperately need new rubber reins. My current pair were expensive (birthday pressie a few years ago) but have not stood the test of time and quickly looked shabby. Having looked...
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    Livery package inclusions / exclusions

    My yard is full livery and includes feed. There is a limited choice of Alfa A, Happy Hoof, HiFibre nuts or competition mix. No sugar beet or anything that requires soaking because it takes more time (and I'm not sure the yard staff could be trusted tbh). You are welcome (kind of) to purchase...
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    Storms. Horses in or out.

    I'm on full livery so it's whatever the YO decides. Apparently they have gone out but will be brought in around lunchtime because the winds are picking up then and the fields are surrounded by woodland. The safety of the yard staff is also a major consideration - most horses get flighty in high...
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    Yesssss!!! Hair is falling out (horse, not mine 🤣)

    No. Nothing at all. She's hanging on to it atm - she's a notoriously late shedder but once she starts, it's usually all gone within a week.
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    How much do you feed?

    Micronised linseed is a super idea - and will be much easier to feed than speedibeet. The yard overall is very good and I absolutely do not want to upset the YO. She believes most horses only need forage hence the small rations but, my mare isn't most horses ;)
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    How much do you feed?

    Thanks for all the replies. To answer a few questions... She's in good health, last vet visit was October for vaccinations and a general health check - all good. Teeth are done every 6 months. Physio every 6 months. She's my world and is treated like a princess. Generally, the yard is great. A...
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    How much do you feed?

    So, my horse is on full livery with feeds included. IMO, they are not feeding her enough. I have broached the subject but have been told for her size and workload, she gets enough… yet I can see ribs. Horse is 15:2hh, in light work atm due to my shifts and overtime (hence the need for livery)...
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    Best lunging aid

    Well... I have a German String, a Pessoa and a roller with side reins but, I don't use any of them - which appears to be the right answer. For once, my laziness has made me an accomplished horsewoman :p