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    Barefoot transition without track system

    Has anyone successfully made the transition to barefoot without having use of a track system? Can it be done on a standard livery yard with the help of an experienced trimmer etc? I think it could help my horse with a recurrent front lameness (managed as ‘navicular syndrome’) but I’m really nervous.
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    Barefoot transitioning x race horse - thoroughbred

    I am transitioning my 12year old x racehorse to barefoot and foolishly thought this would be an easy process but several months in and I feel we have a way to go before he is comfortable. The aim is to give him an easy life with light hacking 2 – 3 times per week over open countryside with a...
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    Should I use Hoof Boots?

    Hello! I have a young horse who has some pedal bone changes due to rotation and club foot. The rotation should be resolved in due course as he’s had an inferior check ligament desmotomy to allow the DDFT to stretch and lower his heels along with a very good trim! I should add he is barefoot and...
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    Lameness - Struggling!

    Hello, I posted on here last year - Title 'Lameness Help!'. Regarding my TB who had gone lame at the same time each year (September) and was diagnosed in his left foot with an old DDFT tear (After reading his MRI report, it is more like tendonitis than a tear), unbalanced feet and mild...
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    Female barefoot trimmer/farrier NW England?

    Looking for reccomendations for a female farrier or trimmer in and around Cheshire. Need a female as my horse is scared of males and being let down by current farrier. Any reccomendations?
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    Eventing help!!

    Hi everyone, If anyone has a spare few mins please could you fill out my dissertation survey on eventing !! It would be a great help; it’s looking at injury risk of the leg :))...
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    Barefoot saddles - London vs. Wellington

    Hello, My Connemara pony mare is very sensitive and shortbacked. We have tried three saddles so far (2 Wintecs and a Prestige) and didn't get on with them. I'm a size 6-8 but it's still proving tough to find an adults saddle to fit her - 17" already looks too big to me and the chiropractor...
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    Is a (foot) sore horse more likely to lose condition?

    Hi all, I’ve been trying to take my TB barefoot for about a year now - various reasons as to why it has not been a smooth transition, but not the point of my post. A couple months back i took over his trimming myself but i have made the mistake several times i think of taking off more than he...