1. B

    Childrens stock

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a childrens stock and shirt please? I may be having a silly moment but all I see is one size but sure they would be massive on children. She is 10 years old and currently wear a silk le mieux blouse high neck on its own but she would like a stock. Any help...
  2. whistlejacketdash

    2024 Olympics equestrian tickets

    I know it’s a bit early to actually buy them! But does anyone who’s been before know where and when you can buy Olympics tickets for one of the equestrian events? Would love to see the dressage. The setting at Versailles looks fabulous and it’s not too far either!! Thanks:)
  3. T

    Stock? Tie? Competition help!

    Hi all I haven’t competed before, but I’m hoping to do some unaffiliated showjumping and dressage later this year. I know they don’t care as much as affiliated shows, I’d just like to look the part. I’ve got all the gear, I just need some help about ties vs stocks and when to use them. I...
  4. H

    Novice Freestyle Movements - Help!

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to have my first go at novice freestyle in the next few months and just starting to think of a floor plan. I cannot for the life of me find the compulsory movements. BD only seem to supply the non-compulsory and prohibited. Can anybody help? Thank you so much!
  5. A

    Back cooler for horses?

    Hi all! My horse is a black irish cob tank, and he always overheats so much across his back when we're out competing and he's tied to the horsebox without tack on. We normally put a cooler rug over his back to stop this, but when its really hot I always feel bad because its an extra layer and...
  6. D

    Eventing help!!

    Hi everyone, If anyone has a spare few mins please could you fill out my dissertation survey on eventing !! It would be a great help; it’s looking at injury risk of the leg :))...
  7. C

    Male competition jacket

    Hi, I’m beginning to look into getting a permanent competition jacket. Being quite tall and slim I’ve struggled to find anything in the past that accommodates the length of arm needed yet slim enough in the body. I’m wondering if any of you have any ideas on brands etc to look at before going...