ifor williams

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    Getting a tow bar installed

    I'm currently purchasing a Range Rover Velar Approved (before there's any Land Rover bashing, I've had one for years and never had any issues and it has 3 years warranty in it too). It's been a long discussion with my partner on what to use to tow and this is the only car we can agree on o_O I'm...
  2. G

    Stolen HB510R dorset

    My blue ifor 510 was stolen from BH16 dorset o the 11th December. Theives cut through the gate, and the wheel lock and hitch lock. Sharing here to ask everyone please keep a look out. Chassis number 3-68615 Its registered with TER. Stolen by two men in a silver ford ranger EA55VWN Pictures...
  3. S

    IW 401 replacement panels

    The panels on my IW 401 could do with being replaced. Looking for recommendations for a reliable company to do this. Pref around south Nottingham/Leicestershire How much did it cost? All advice happily received. Thanks
  4. L

    Ifor Williams 506 storage ideas?

    I’ve just purchased a 506. It doesn’t have a door fitted tack pack, I could get one fitted if I want but I haven’t heard good things about them! Do anyone have any storage hacks?! How do you store you tack ect? Would love to see some pics!
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    Looking for 510 trailer!

    Hi All, Os anyone selling a 510 trailer or knows of any sites that advertise? Any dealers in Worcestershire area? Good budget for seven trailer. Thanks