1. K

    *Insurance Recommendations & 5 Stage Vetting! First Time Buyer Advice*

    Hi All, I have a five-stage vetting booked in on Friday for an epic super cob I'm hoping to buy. We've settled on £9450 (I know ?) with tack sale agreed, providing that he passes his 5 stage vetting. A couple of questions from me... - I have the option to do strangles and GHP bloods in...
  2. T

    Riders insurance recommendations?

    Hi Not a new rider, but not entirely sure where this question should go and the replies might help some new riders. I have been on BHS gold for a number of years, but would rather avoid the £80 fee on renewal now that I’m no longer a junior. I have had a look at Harry Hall, benefits seem...
  3. Lucy-S

    Insurance HELP

    Hoping someone can shed some light or share any experience they've personally had! Claimed on my insurance back in January for my horses interspinous ligament injury. Was put on the equinosis gait analysis and deemed nothing else to worry about as we think she just slipped and fell whilst she...
  4. A

    How much is a 'sensible offer' and when does it become unreasonable?

    Hi, So I have totally fallen in love with a horse (I'm looking to buy at the moment), but he is quite out of my budget - the horse itself is £4000 but then an extra £900 for transport (coming from Spain, which is what I've always wanted) so he would be £4900 in total, but my budget was more...
  5. DressageCob

    Best insurance company?

    I'm hoping to get a puppy very soon. My old dog was insured with Petplan all his life until we lost him in 2015. Never had any problems, although his monthly premium went up to about £100 once he turned 10. Can anyone recommend a reliable insurance company? I'm wanting about £4-£5k vets fees...
  6. M

    Insurance help!!

    Would love some help looking for new horse Insurance that is very basic and cheap. I’ve found thats pretty cheap has any one used them? I’m looking to pay about £30 a month if possible I don’t need anything fancy as she doesn’t do much a bit of light hacking...
  7. H

    Sports insurance

    Does anyone here have general sports insurance? I have cover for my riding through my horse policy, but this doesn’t give me the level of cover for loss of earnings I’m looking for. I have been using Sports Direct to cover my other sports, I’m interested in what other people use if anything?