1. E

    Cost of building a new yard

    Hey, Im wondering if anyone has recently built equestrian facilities and if so, at what cost? Im planning on building a 25x45 arena and 5-7 stables. Would also need tackroom and haybarn. if anyone has done similar tips/rough pricing would be much appreciated TIA
  2. M

    Livery Yards Near Stone/Stafford

    Hia. Can anyone recommend a nice friendly livery yard near Stone? I’m looking for full livery and an indoor arena for winter. Must be high quality care, good turnout etc.
  3. B

    Horse being picked on in the field

    I'm hoping there are some peeps who have experience of this, as it is completely new to me. I have always had my two in individual turnout, and they get along perfectly. The pony is the boss and the big lad basically does as he's told. I moved them to a new yard about six weeks ago and they...
  4. A

    Should full livery be charging this?

    Hello, I am wondering if this is normal? I am on full livery and have been for over a year- I’ve never not had extra costs for anything other than bedding. However, I have recently received a bill to hold my horse to receive the flu jab. Was charged £25. Which is very steep for something...
  5. B

    Any recommendations? Rowebuck Stud

    I am moving my chap to the above yard so we can have lots of fun. There seems to be lots to do, so I’m sure we won’t be bored, plus there are lovely stables and great facilities for caring for him. Does anyone have any personal reviews as I can’t find any from a livery pov? I really feel we’ve...
  6. B

    DIY or Part Livery sought West Sussex - East Grinstead, Lingfield, Nutley, Horsted Keynes

    Hi Looking for either DIY assisted or reasonable part livery for a mare around the East Grinstead/Lingfield/Nutley/ Horsted Keynes area if anyone knows of anything? Must be either paired or group turnout absolutely not individual. School and good hacking required. Help!!!!
  7. C

    Looking for Livery yards in Ditchling, East Sussex

    Hi all, Im hoping someone can help in recommending some lovely yards in and around Ditchling! preferable part livery but open to diy, must have a school
  8. X

    Livery North Leeds- I need contacts!!

    Hi, I’m looking for DIY livery North Leeds- any where from Harewood, Collingham, East Keswick, Wike, Alwoodley ect areas. I already have details for Wikefield, Grange Farm, New Laithe Farm and Compton Grove. I’ve heard of Rigton Carr Farm but can’t find any contact details anywhere. All I...
  9. T

    Wanted Livery Nottingham Burton Joyce/Lowdham/Woodborough/Calverton

    Hi all, I'm looking for a livery space for my lovely gelding, ideally in said areas and offering at least assisted DIY, but open to Part or even Full, depending on facilities/prices. Reason for move is that I'm getting very busy with work and need some help (currently DIY). Needs to have a good...
  10. L

    Blackfaulds Livery Glasgow (Easterhouse)

    Hi Before i get in contact with the owners of the yard I am interested in hearing if anyone has any reviews of Blackfaulds Farm stables? I am moving to the area from south england later in the year so have no ability to ask around and get word of mouth recommendations for yards! Here is the...
  11. E


    Hi! I’m looking for a bit of advice... I’ve recently been accepted into Hartpury college for the equitation course which I’m really looking forward to! The only downside is that I can’t afford to bring my own horse. I’ve spoken to a couple of liveries there already, and one of them said that she...
  12. A

    DIY Livery prices in Gloucestershire and affording a horse as a uni student?

    Hi, I’ve recently secured some lovely student accommodation (that has its own private yard DIY livery on-site!) for my 2nd year as a Hartpury uni student. The house rent price is very reasonable but I’m a bit unsure about the livery costs, as it is around £255 a month - this is for a 20x60...
  13. L


  14. MumsGloriousOrca

    The changing face of horse ownership and livery yard bullies

    Recently read this article from a few years ago published in the Spectator which needs a subscription to read in full so I've copied below in its entirety [Copyright content removed] Laughed reading this because I understood exactly what this woman was feeling to the point of almost hearing...
  15. E

    Income streams for small holdings

    Hi all, I am interested to know how those of you with small holdings make them work for you? We have recently bought a small yard, approx 8 acres, and currently just have our three horses there. We have 6 stables and the obvious way to create some income would be to have some DIYs there but we...