1. E

    Should I loan??

    thanks all:)
  2. AstonishedTrowel

    Owner won't take loan horse back - keep or PTS!

    Hi all! I've had a horse on loan for about 1.5 y, he recently came up lame and after vet exams (by our local surgery) we suspected hock arthritis - the horse is insured so our local vet injected the joints with steroids as I wanted to give him a chance. All with the owner's permission. Since...
  3. A


    I need to pick all of your lead rein expert brains please! So the lead rein world is a new one for me - we have found two gorgeous little shetlands for full loan one is 13 and experienced off the lead rein and the other is 3 but used to be handled by children. They are gorgeous and they are...
  4. O

    Should I walk away

    Hi all, I've been a lurker on this forum for over 10 years now and am looking for some advice please as i'm feeling at a crossroads. So i've recently started loaning an absolutely wonderful horse (first time loaning as an adult but have done lots of shares and part loans as a teen). I am...
  5. X

    Pony coming back after loan lazy??

    Hi all, My horse has been on loan for 2 years. It was a full loan but I still was able to see him and occasionally ride him. With in the first couple of months of this nervous teenager taking him on he became what I call lazy. He is a native cross. Very chunky but i used to have trouble...