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    Leatherbys of London

    Hi all, Has anyone ever come across the antique (I think) saddlers called leatherbys of London. I've come across a side saddle I might want to purchase with this makers mark but have never come across them before. Just looking for any info on the brand/some history if anyone has come across a...
  2. P

    Pony, cob horse saddles ltd.

    I’m aware the company are no longer going but their one saddle is the comfiest saddle I’ve sat in. There is one currently on eBay in the style that I tried (...
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    Intensive courses/clinics

    Hi all, I've been wondering if there's such thing as short intensive courses for things such as farriery, saddlery etc. Obviously these things take years of training to become an actual qualified professional but are there any courses/clinics that are rather informitive and give you some basic...
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    WOW saddle fitter reviews wanted

    Hi all, I have had nothing but saddle issues for the last year and I have recently decided to look into a M2M or similar for my cob. After much research I have opted to try a WOW saddle as I think traditional “Off the highstreet” saddles just don’t quite work for him perfectly and it seems the...