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    How to legally swap horses??

    So I have a gelding who is lovely and is up for sale/swap. Someone has approached me for a straight swap and I'm keen. We are looking to have a short trial period and vettings then transfer ownership of the horses to one another. Without having to exchange money, how can we legally transfer...
  2. S

    Looking for an all rounder 16hh+

    I’m looking for a forever horse that I can have fun on and take to local comps and clinics. I’m based in Moray but happy to travel anywhere in Scotland to view. ?16hh upwards ?Looking to do a bit of everything (my ?comfortable jumping height is up to 1m) ?Forward is fine but needs breaks...
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    Help to buy!

    Feel like I'm hitting my head off a brick wall so any help much appreciated! Looking to buy wee horse with a good attitude to do general fun stuff! lol looking for something safe and sensible with a level head and good attitude but must have a bit of bone (dont want to be squashing any poor...