1,5 year old colt and a 6 months colt

12 September 2020

I have a 1,5 year old colt that stands together with a 9 year old gelding. They go perfectly well.

since a few weeks we have a 6 months old colt. He was introduced and after a few days we let him in the field with the other two. The gelding was fine. The 1,5 year old was to over excited and started ‘playful’ biting him and showed stallion behaviour. He walked practically over him and tried to jump his back.

because the little guy is so small I took him out straight away. I felt like he needed protection. That the 1,5 year old was to rough on him.

but I do like it for the little one to be part of the herd. I have decided to wait a few weeks/months. But I like to know other people their opinion or maybe have some advice and or tips?

castration was one of the options but the 1,5 year old is the sweetest stallion. I don’t want to do something like that just because he is hard on a younger horse.

thank you in advance!

best regards,



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13 November 2010
Sounds like he was being a rambunctious youngster, which isn't exclusive to colts (although they do tend to play a bit harder than most)
Doesn't sound like a match made in heaven at the moment, but the baby needs company. If it were me, I'd look for another foal of similar age to keep the little one company until he's bigger and stronger and can deal with a bit of roughhousing.
What are they - assume you're keeping them entire for a reason?


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5 December 2010
I'd be nervy of putting such a small baby in with a playful and clumsy youngster, they could serious damage them accidentally. I've a two year old and castration made no difference to his playfulness with other horses at all, he still jumps on them, bites them and runs at them. as suggested could you fence off an area and foster another foall? charities are often full of foals that they are looking to foster out.