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10 February 2005
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See what you think of this:

My background - grew up in suburbia with no hunting nearby but ridden since before I could remember. Have never had anything against foxes or any of the local wildlife.

Anyway, I was asked to take a 5yo cubbing earlier this week as the hunt was within hacking distance and told it would benefit the horse.

I arrived down the stables at 5:30 on an unseasonally warm morning and from there everything went really well. The horses marched at double-speed to the meet, the fields looked great with early morning dew and not too much roadwork. The best bits were bombing up fields which we'd only ever seen from the roads previously. No real bad bits. 5yo wasn't very good at standing still to start with and manoeuvering, but once going was fine. We saw 2 foxes but they were headed in the opposite direction, so nothing got caught but I'm fine with that.

We headed back after 2 1/2 hours. All feelng rather happy with ourselves. Not the same rush as eventing but then we weren't jumping. But at £10 per horse a fraction of the price!

I always hesisted when asked before the legislation but I guess I'm now one of the few happier with it. Will definitely go again if asked :)

p.s. Yes, I know it's not always that cheap!