AAARRGH - car rant.


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10 February 2006
five weeks ago something went wrong with my 4X4. I had the trailer on and my two horses loaded up and it just decided not to start. We unloaded got the AA out and they decided it was something major and towed it to the garage. Initially they thought the engine had seized, then my starter motor had gone. Then the timing chain, and assembly pulley. After checking all those they have come to the conclusion that all those are fine. but they still have no idea what is wrong. They think it may be my injectors letting too much fuel through so they sent those off to a specialist down here to check. They can't get a reasing so they have now been sent to Nissan - well 2 weeks ago. And still nothing. if it is my injectors its expensive but not as expensive a the other option which appears to be a possible con rod failure which will mean a new engine. Fine i accept its broken but I need my car. four weeks is ridiculous and I have to chase daily to get the info. Annoyingly I had booked and paid for a one day event for me and OH which is this weekend his first ever ODE which he has been looking forward to for weeks. I still haven't got a clue whether I will ever get my car back. The garage had said they could lend me a 4X4 but now haven't got one available. other lorries on the yard are being used all weekend so we appear to be totally stuffed.