Advice please

19 August 2020
Hello, I wonder if you can help with some advice? I’m seriously considering buying a broodmare, she’s 14 and has only ever been used for breeding ( pure bred Arab herself). She’s calm, quiet and kind in temperament and has lived with other broad mares all her life. She’s been handled a lot but not really exposed to a great deal outside of breeding. I’d like to give her a gentle hacking home, with one to one love and pampering in her older years. I’m 54, have ridden a lot over my lifetime, but wish to take it easy and grow older gracefully and see myself enjoying spending time with this mare. I’ve read lot about bringing a brood mare into work and getting her back stronger, and read lots of success stories, and I’ve got plenty of time, I don’t need to rush this, I’ve also read that once the back muscles have gone, they won’t return, don’t bother...I would like to eventually do some hacking with her but don’t want to cause her any pain. I just want more information to help guide me what to to. Can you advise or recommend a specialist trainer in this area? Sam


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1 January 2006
Would you be very upset if the riding didn’t come off? If you really want to start riding again then I probably wouldn’t go for this mare, but if your main motivation is just to love and pamper her and give her a wonderful life, with riding just being the icing on the cake, then 100% yes! No idea about suitable trainers, sorry, but if you put which area you’re in, someone local would probably know.