Another vetting on Thurs...wish me luck


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16 September 2021
He's gorgeous!!! 😍

Sorry for the delay...quick update...thank you for the vetting dance and crossed fingers...our pony passed today with flying colours!!!! So much so the vet said she'd buy him herself if she could! 😂 not a thing wrong with him at 15, she couldn't believe how good he was and it was a 5 stage! ❤ we are collecting him on Sunday, my daughter is beyond excited!!! Xx
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22 March 2009
Congratulations he looks like a full Tb
He's TB x ISH but half the ISH side is also half TB. He's by Pointilliste.

Hacked alone today! Just up the road and back but he was super brave with the cars, bins and a car towing a trailer. Waited very politely too.
A little joggy at first but no napping hone or anything.
Found his "I cant" spook which is to sort of half rear and spin very slowly. He did it on the way home which was interesting to spin away from home! He did it when I tried him too (at a pony with a muzzle on!)
Found that he does it right all the time and I couldn't catch it to turn him left so just span him all the way so he was facing forward again and got him past no huge issues. Feels a lot like a confidence thing and tends to pop the right shoulder as an exit schooling too so I think possibly a schooling issue also. But he is only 5 so....
Hacking with a friend tomorrow so will see how we go.