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20 November 2005
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as above. its looking highly likely that we will have to sell our horse. he is fantastic in every way except he is a speed demon when he jumps and my daughter has said once to often 'i think otto is to much for me'
he can jump from a trot but i think he is taking the P with her as she wont get after him and get him listening to her, ( her friend who is more experienced can )

anyway he is 16hh IDxTB 8 yr old gelding. ex kings troop so hasnt had much done in the way of schooling and does require more flatwork.
he has been described as an exceptionally talented showjumper, he jumps off any stride and will get you out of trouble every time. he is currently stepping over 2ft 9 courses, rarely has a pole down , has been placed every time out.. loves xc and so far never refused a xc jump. he is a bit unsure about water but will go through with a bit of encouragement, hacks out alone or in company, can be pulled up while galloping while the one in front keeps going. excellent to catch, shoe, stable, load, he is loaded on the lorry on a main road as we have no other choice and doesnt bat an eyelid..he is good in traffic as used to be ridden in london. fantastic manners etc. ridden / schooled in a snaffle but we did try him in a bubble bit for jumping although with the right schooling etc he should be fine jumping in a snaffle.
hes the horse in my sig..any ideas of price as well? i am going to get her lessons on him but think she has lost interest in competing him.


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13 November 2004
He is a lovely horse and you have honestly described him and the reason for selling him, I think you should repeat this on With the photo's. People will respond to the honesty and be aware of the type of person you would want for him. YOu could add more onto this in regards to personally requirements.
as for price, in the right hands he sounds promising. and a good size and weight. you should consider the price very carefully but as a quess no less than £4500 for him. Others may have more to say on price.
Hope this helps