Anyone do horse agility?


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26 September 2011
I was looking at the website and thought the on line competitions looked like fun, but wondered how easy it was to make the equipment?

I've got access to poles, already got cones, and have ordered a tarpaulin, but things like the arch etc looked rather more challenging.

I've found some old posts from Supertrooper with some great videos :)


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3 December 2005
For the arch i used blue pipe, don't know if it's gas or water and stuck the ends in traffic cones. For the curtain i used push fit water pipes shoved into patio umbrella things filled with water. All stuff can be sourced from diy shops or charity shops really cheaply. It's great fun, my mini shet surprised me with her intelligence and ability to learn!


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16 February 2009
Slopping along on a loose rein somewhere in Devon
I went to a comp with my old boy; am hoping to get my youngster into it - if there are any comp's being held around here, haven't seen any for a good while TBH (East Devon).

The Horse Agility day I went to was run by Vanessa Bee; it was excellent! Whilst she was "judge", it didn't feel like you were being judged! She was wonderfully encouraging with everyone and it was obvious that she took a real interest in everyone's horses.

We managed a "second prize"; and our top marks were 10/10 for the trailer walk-through, which bearing in mind that my boy was labelled as "unloadable", was a really huge achievement for us and our trainer!

If you can get to anything that Vanessa is doing, it is well worth doing; she is amazing to watch and her body language and postural awareness when dealing with horses is a fantastic lesson in itself.