Anyone else experienced this?


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22 April 2014
West Midlands
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Has anyone else experienced those horrific people that always believe their horse is the most supreme thing ever? Like it's the horse to end all horses? I will literally quote what some girl said. I was on a site on the Equestrian Forum and one topic was 'how much do you think your horse is worth?' Most people were saying anywhere between roughly £100 to £8,000. Then this girl comes along and says, 'I have absolutely no idea how much my horse is worth. No idea what my parents paid for him and I have no idea how much they're spending on his insurance. Guarantee you it's higher than everyone's $4000 horses'
I was in complete disbelief at how someone could be so rude! I mean I know my pony is never going to win the National, the Grand Prix or compete in Puissance but he keeps me happy. It's just she is always going on about how amazing she is at riding and how she's importing some Warmblood colt. It's like wow, good for you but please pipe down, dear.