Anyone from Malton N/Yorks on here?


25 May 2009
North Yorkshire
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I am moving to Malton soon, with my horse, who will be at livery in Langton, and I wondered if anyone could tell me what the hacking was like, and any info on local clubs and competitions? Also if anyone locally takes part in Teamchasing? Any info would be really appreciated, thanks.


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29 April 2009
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Hey there, welcome to malton! I had my horse at livery in langton when we first moved up, the hacking is very good around there, plenty of off road routes although as per most places you have to go on the road a little to get to them but the drivers are pretty much used to horses and are very kind. As for clubs your local one would be malton riding club and their club field is about two seconds from langton at thornthorpe and they have a really nice crosscountry course too which is open to hire for £15 i think the lady who runs the club is called nicky lyons.
As for team chasing i dont take part and know very little about it in the area, except this is pretty local

hope that helps and that you and your horse settle in well