Anyone heard of/use/tried Cushionbed? - Also in stable/yard


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25 August 2009
Belle is curently on shavings but i am a currently looking at other bedding alternatives for her.

I have tired straw which she was soooooo messy on, she seems fine with shavings i just find them expensive & she goes through them very quickly, dont like deep littering

My freind uses wood pellets but I am not sure how Belle would get on with them as she likes a big bed, cushionbed seems like a good alternative.

Cushionbed Description reads:-

We have worked closely with equine experts
to develop Cushionbed, not only for the professional market
but also for the one-horse owner. It makes a difference with
stability and comfort for the horse, low dust and odour levels,
time saving in bed maintenance and reduced costs.

Cushionbed is a unique equine bedding system. Using a blend of recycled soft and hard naturally seasoned wood fibres, we produce afibre-cushioned bedding material that’s quick and economic to use.

Buy direct
• Virtually dust-free and odourless
• Absorbent, easy to clean
• Does not cling to mane, tail or hoof
• Tested in the most demanding conditions
• Available in easy-to-handle 25 kilo bales
• Proven to improve hoof quality
• Safe and clean – 100% safe and non-toxic
• Tested by veterinary colleges

Is this the same as bedmax?

Thanks again


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25 June 2005
No it is not the same as bedmax, it is the same as easibed.

I have used cushionbed before and I liked it. That said I didnt do deep litter or even semi deep litter but did a full muck out every day just as I would with straw or shavings. Personally I didnt think it was as absorbent as shavings but do agree that it does not stick/tangle in the mane!

If I wasnt so happy with wood pellet bedding cushionbed would be my next preference. Hope that helps


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6 September 2009
I use Cushionbed & would really recommend it

Semi deep littered, take wet out twice a week, poo pick every day and sprinkle another thin layer over the top. Bed stays dry on top, doesn't smell & absorbs well. She lies down at night & rugs are clean & dry in mornings.

Think the key is to compact it down really firmly when bed first laid, so it doesn't move at all.

Pay £5.50 a bag & only use 1 - 2 bags a week (she's in every night)


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6 June 2007
Nr Newmarket
Been using it for years now and when it was unavailable due to factory fire, had to swap to various other makes of bedding (including straw as well) and hated them all.

Cushionbed is the best bedding we've used in 30 plus years. Brilliant for foaling down on as well. (We muck out fully each morning and skip out later in day).

Make sure you order from Giffords themselves though, as UK Cushioned have broken away from Giffords and their product is now no longer the same and they've increased it by 50p per bale. If you need a contact at Giffords, feel free to PM me.