Anyone in Wolverhampton or surrounding areas, really need you


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27 May 2007
West Midlands
Or rather my daughters uni friend does.
She has a horse on a livery yard in Telford and she is extremely unhappy about the treatment he is getting. They say they cant catch the horse and are driving him in and out of his stable using whips. They have been filmed doing it. He should wear a rug but they claim they cant get it on him.
To be honest if they chased me with whips I don't think they would get near me either!!
She wants him to come to us,as she knows we like Kelly Marks methods, but I don't think the field owner would let us have another.
The horse is a 16.2hh tb gelding. Does anyone know of a yard she could try? She would be quite happy with just a field, she just wants to get him away asap. The ones we suggested are full.


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19 October 2015
ride farm in Featherstone im there its nice friendly yard.. has grass grazing or if u wait they do have the occasional diy xx good luck