Arley PON Report


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8 May 2007
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We did our first Novice at Arley last weekend..... it was a lovely event and we had a good day..... Dressage thats the bit at the start that you have to get through teeteetee
Show jumping went well she had 2 down Beatle still learning at this height but was pleased with how they went, the going was quite deep and think alot took fences out, The XC was just great bit deep cus of so much rain the week before but great not to have hard going..... it look big mostly i'm sure cus it was Beatle first Novice but Amber was just amazing and jump brill all the fast routes going clear with 6 time pens...... all I can say I was over the moon

There is a video and a few pictures link to Video and pictures

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