Arrggghhh brewing an abscess


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9 April 2014
I think I'm a bad mum? What would you all have done

Last week Sam has his feet trimmed for the first time in a year, he's currently self trimming, due to numerous hoof issues

So farrier just tidied them up, nothing drastic. Gave him the rest of the week off and rode on Saturday, he didn't want to go, but thought he might be playing up, he's known to do that too

Anyway long story short he didn't feel right, felt short on his front left, his issues are front right. So thought maybe bruising

Got off took him back and tied up whilst I got poultice stuff ready. The whole time he was rest his back left, which then made he think he's been doing that a lot recently

Couldn't find a pulse in either leg. But poulticed the back and put him out. Sunday he was clearly lame on it, so re-poulticed and put him in. Went back to turn out at 5 and both back legs were swollen

Vet came. Found pulse but couldn't find any tracks for an abscess, some react to the hammer on the backend of his hoof

Hot tubbed and poulticed
Have been done that all week. His leg has swollen on the left tonight, after being in today but nothing had come out on poultice. I've taken it off and he looks to be walking normally

I've put him out with nothing on. Am I bad? Should I keep poulticing? Vet didn't dig any holes as he couldn't be sure.

I'm waiting for farrier to see if he can come and investigate further

I also tapped both back feet with a hammer and the reactions were both similar, next to no reaction, other than once, but probably more to be grumpy at me

He actually had similar about this time two years ago. Poulticed for a week and nothing then in November he had the most horrendous abscess, or so he thought, he was standing on 3 legs it was so painful