arthritis of the hock and fetlock


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6 September 2007
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so in the biggest bummer of a week my horse has now been x rayed and diagnosed with arthritis of the hock and fetlock in both back legs (ranging from a little "showing changes" to moderate in each joint) - this is new to me - does anyone have any suggestions/helpful tips on how to monitor/improve/make him more comfortable. Vets put him on 2x bute a day and then coming back in a week.

Any info gratefully received.


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31 January 2009
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my horse has it in his knees and had a steroid injection, which will last 6months to a year. He also has CortaVET, which you need to have perscribed from the vet.
The key is little steady exercise a few times a week. I tend to ride him when he seems to want to be ridden, and do as much as he wants, which in the menage is not a lot, but out hacking is as fast as he can go!!


My HW cob was diagnosed with it at 11, he is now 18 and still working long hard days (carriages). We give him a daily does of Bute Free and he lives out. It really does not bother him much whilst on 'medication' Oh, we also give him cod liver oil


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30 January 2009
West Sussex
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My horse was diagnosed with hock arthritis last september after going lame, he had steriod injections into the joints and has been sound since! The vet told me he would need the injections every 6 months, but its been 8 months and still sound, and he is eventing!

He is on Cortaflex HA, Buteless, cod liver oil and wears Bioflow boots 12 hours a day, so i think these have also helped.

I am not sure how he will cope now the grounds getting like concrete, i may come accross a few problems, but i am very carefull of the ground i run him on. I have a friend with eventers who also have the injections every so often and they continue to compete at intermediate and advanced level.

Hope this helps, good luck!!