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19 August 2007
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Does anyone have any information on these and how they differ from magnetic products. Have seen the back pad that sits back by sacroiliac and it might help my horse who gets tight behind saddle.


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20 December 2007

back on track contain a ceramic which is melded into the fabric.

Essentially what happens is that the ceramic reflects heat back into the body and stimulates blood flow. For an injured area to recover you need increased blood flow for healing. Or alternately for muscles it helps to keep the muscles soft and gooey.

With a magnetic product the magnets are in a specific area whereas in the BoT the ceramic is on the entire product. Also with magnets you have to make sure that you get the right sort of magnets as some are more effective than others.

Personally I have had a great deal of success with the BoT. I would go with a rug (they come in net, fleece, stable, turn out, or ultra thin for hot weather) rather than the back pad. I also ride in the saddle pad.

One of my horses was 'out' in his back but with the saddlepad he still stayed soft and worked through. With the use of the rugs I have found that my horse is already partly worked in and so much softer as a result of it.

Whatever you decide to go for make sure you follow the guidelines or no longer than 4 hours for the first 2/3 days of use as they can over stimulate an area.

If you would like more info (including prices etc) then please feel free to PM me as I have had so much success with the product I am now also an agent.

Halfstep would also be able to tell you about them as she has tried the hock boot and been pleased with it.