Barry Geraghty


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17 August 2005
Another great goes.
I will miss him - those eyes, sigh! I hope he has a long and happy retirement.
It seems to have been a bad few years for top jockeys retiring. I wonder who will be the next absolute top class ones?

Elf On A Shelf

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28 February 2011
At least the old guard are retiring in one piece and on their terms. We have been really spoilt with a clutch of top notch jockeys in the last couple of decades. Dickie will go on for a few more years I think, get a few more Champion Jockey titles under his belt having spent so long as the bridesmaid.

As to who will take the top McManus job - I don't think there will be one. If the last few seasons have shown us anything is that whilst there may have been a retained rider the spoils have been shared out.

I think Jonjo Jr will come right into himself. Not this season but next. He has a little more maturing to do but I really like him. Mark Walsh will probably step up into the main Green & Gold silks in Ireland, he's a good jockey.