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14 February 2005
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I have booked some classes through BD using the Equine Affairs application. Does anyone know if I am supposed to get a e-mail confirmation?


15 September 2008
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Hi there,

Equine Affairs Team here, just to help - a few pointers about the Equine Affairs Online Entries Shopping Basket.

Please do trust the system. We are riders ourselves and this shopping basket and online entries set up has been used successfully for 4 years.

All entry money for online entries goes direct to the venues/secretaries bank account, we dont touch it, we insist on this for the security of your money and the venues entries.

Equine Affairs provide the shopping basket and Protx is the Payment Service Provider that carries out the transaction securely for you and the venue. Protx is the UK's Leading Payment Service Provider, part of the Sage Accounting Group and endorsed by all major banks.

The email confirmations are sent directly to the rider, to the venue, a backup to Protx and also a backup to Equine Affairs for ultimate security.

If you do not receive your entry confirmation straight away please feel free to call us or the venue to confirm. We are happy to be used if you cannot get hold of the venue, our office number is 08712 303649 or on call mobile 07798 626075 (24x7).

We are here to make sure your entries are as smooth as possible and we can always send you out a copy or confirm any entry for you as a backup.

Many thanks and please to contact us with any queries at all,

Equine Affairs Team