being a idiot


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14 June 2009
Having a moan about my own stupidity (please excuse spelling am dyslexic) had a new horse lorry built, which was to take 2 months, 7 months later on collection, price had gone up by £3 grand !!!!!!! I had nothing in writing his word against mine, so had to pay up. My friend was buying my horse trailer, the day I said come and collect they let me down, wanted it for a lot less than we agreed, I just think they didnt want it, I could have sold the trailer several times over, so now back in H and H. You could say have learned a lesson, I have been one to trust people and what has it got me ? Only good thing is horse lorry is fantastic, but somehow what happened has put a dampner on whole thing. So make sure you have everything in writing, dont be a idiot like me or trust your friends where money is concerened, times are changing.............