Best boots for hind fetlocks


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3 August 2009
Up North
Hi there,
My horse had an operation on a hind leg in the summer. The op was to remove annular ligament (across back of fetlock) and remove scar tissue from tendon sheath.
Vet advised me to bring back to work with polo bandages on both hind legs to give extra support. I used fleece ones but these were horrid when wet.
I started using cross-country type boots with 4 straps - one wraps under the fetlock around the pastern. These are ok but I think they are a bit restrictive, plus the premier equine ones I bought are starting to come apart after only 2 months. He's an older horse and just hacks since his op so I think he needs a bit of support.
I do a lot of hacking off the roads and this involves wading through a stream or going on the beach so I need some that are good in water.
Does anyone have any recommendations? I like the look of the stretch and flex ones but will they cope with the riding I do?