Best dressage stallion to use


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24 May 2009
Scottish Borders
I would like to know wat you all think is the best stallion to use I want a stallion with a powerful hind leg, uphill paces and perfect conformation, I have a graded broodmare (dam of an advanced winning dressage daughter and an eventing son) 2 TB mares who have correct conformation, fantastic joint movements and cover the ground really well. Stallions can be jumping or dressage, I DO NOT WANT TO USE A FULL TB stallion.

Cheers all


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9 September 2008
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Well Movistar is doing really well competitively under Carl Hester having won 3 championships at the summer nationals then won at the winters and recently scored 77.47% in the inter 1 freestyle in samur in may 09! I have an 09 colt by him who is super, so very happy!

He's by Jazz who is also available from abroad AI he's produced alot of very good stock, he stamps his stock and his line are reknowned for good hind leg action. I wouldn't suggest him for a mare who is rather hot though as the line are also known to be hot!

I also like Sir Alfred (Sandro hit son and I'm not a Sandro hit fan myself!!) Specail D (Metal) and Gribaldi.

Out of all of them Movistar suited my mare the best and I really wanted to see the stallion I used in the flesh and being as he is a UK stallion I could visit him.

Good luck