Best fly rug for haflinger?


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17 March 2005
South Yorkshire
So new haflinger pony is having a few problems with her skin (nothing new to what i was told when I was given her although i still havent found the actual cause of the rubbing yet)

It seems as though she needs to be rugged up to help her stop rubbing any part of her body but mainly her mane, neck and top of her face.

Ive tried her in a 5'9 (her correct rug size) rambo sweetch itch hoody. Although this kinda did a good job it was too tight round her shoulders which caused it to rub her, the neck was too long so she managed to get her head out of the ear holes :(
So I tried her in a 6'0 Mark Todd Combo. It was a much better fit around her chest but it has rubbed her sides, and she has rubbed parts of her face raw including the underneath of her forelock :(

so any ideas of other rugs I can try on her that are a suitable fit for broad ponies? something that wont rub her but give her the protection needed?