bit of a mixed day!!


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17 March 2005
South Yorkshire
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clipped all three horses. Sasha great as usual
. Flighty i was a bit unsure about as ive never clipped her but thought she mustve been good as the clip she came with was perfect - she stood like an angel
- only had to twitch her to do her head as she was getting herslef a little upset.
Went home for dinner then came back and clipped Chantin.
Wow what a superstar
just stood rock solid - head and all off
. Really pleased with her cos i thought id have no end of problems.
Then came the pain in the arse
- i wish i had clipped but no i was holding for his owner. He doesnt like being clipped - i dont think hes scared just doesnt want it doing. Went to twitch him and he threw all his weight on the top of my foot
- its rather swollen and very red
. To top it all off before i managed to twitch him he also reared up and came down on top of me - luckily he only caught my hip but still
- naughty horse - got a good crack with my twitch for that
(broom handle with rope at end) it made me feel a bit better as i cant really weight bare on my foot at the moment.

So how do you know if youve broke your foot? i cant still feel and wiggle my toes so im assuming its just very bruised and as there isnt much room fro swelling thats one of the reason it hurts so much

hows everyone elses day been?