Bitting advce please.


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5 September 2009
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Some of you may know about my mare and the work to get her right, well we have progressed to long reining out of the field and she is doing quite well. Before I go any further although her teeth were checked last Aug I have booked the dentist to come out have have a look if there is any problems, but I would also like some advice on suitable bits for her.
She has quite small lips (if that makes sense) and a fleshy tongue like most cobs. She keeps getting her tongue over the bit and can put it back again where it should be. I thought maybe her bit was too low in her mouth but if I up it up too much she it looks like its too high for the wrinkles in her lips. She is in a snaffle at the moment and when I open her mouth to have a look the bit does seem to be squashing her tongue, coming from where she did she has proberly only ever ridden in a driving bit and very roughly at that. :(, So getting this bit right for her is important to me.
I did a search on here and have read up quite a bit on bits which she would suit and mullen mouths come up quite a lot, would you kind people explain them to me etc. I am a snaffle girl so dont really know very much about other types of bit, I have done so much work with her now and she is coming on a treat so dont want to mess further work up getting the bit wrong.
Thankyou The snoopster