Bitting help! Neue Schule tranz angled lozenge universal


14 September 2015
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Folks, has anyone found that putting the chin strap on the above named bit makes any difference?!?!
I have a young horse who's gotten very brave showjumping, sees his fence and goes! He's actually not really a strong chap and has a soft mouth, he just needs to be reminded a couple of times to respect when I ask him to wait/slow, and I'm sure he can go back into a milder bit.
He was in a rubber snaffle, got braver, went to the above bit, worked super for a season but he was always getting bolder and bolder, moved up a level competing and basically I had no control at all, luckily he's clever and careful...
I then put him in a Cheltenham gag as I use this a lot and love it, had no effect what so ever...he'd see his fence, sticks his head in the air and goes!
Thought I'd try the myler Pelham, but it's a bit too much for him I feel as he throws his head a bit, I think it's the port.
So was wondering if the chin strap actually make them have that.. "Ooh your there effect"? Because all I want is a reaction when I say no your not going.
Thanku 😊