Bitting suggestions?


23 October 2008
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Bit stuck in what to the badminton this weekend so opportunity to buy new bitting suggestions.

Horse is 15.2 medium weight horse, fine in the school in a hanging cheek but gets strong out hacking(mainly) and xc.
Taken him out in all sorts of snaffles and nosebands just always on my hands pulling. Tried him in a three ring dutch gag better but almost to much he fights it and not settled in it. Probably not the right thing as he has a tendancy to have a very high head carriage although fine in school etc. Tried a pelham the other day and he seemed better. He used to be used for driving and couldnt hold a canter when he came so had obviously been flat out galloped everywhere just been working to get him to settle. Doesnt want anything to harsh as gets unhappy or anthing to raise head further any ideas?


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1 October 2005
New Zealand but from UK
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Either a Pelham, a Kimblewick or an Uxeter.

If you get one with a 'Cambridge' mouth - has a little hump in the middle to allow for the tongue and to place the bit on the bars of the mouth.

As you've already found he goes better in the Pelham I'd be inclined to buy one.

Make sure that the chain goes through the ring rather than behind the bit. Placed through the ring the chain stays in the chin groove and the bit then works correctly. Placed behind the bit the chain rides up onto the horses jawbone and is very uncomfortable.