Brooke Launches Working Animal Checklist for Tourists Pls. Pass Along


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6 December 2007
Toronto, Canada
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Hi All, I haven't seen this yet on H&H, but if it's already up here somewhere, I apologise for double posting.

The Brooke has launched a step by step code for tourists to follow to improve the lives of working animals around the world.

I think this is a vital issue and believe most people would follow the checklist, if they knew some of the facts. I don't know all the places they are directing their campaign, but hopefully it will be to mainstream travellers, as riders would probably follow the rules by instinct.

FYI, There is a link at the bottom of the article.


Thank you for posting this. As someone who operates a carriage hire busness in the UK, I take great care with my animals, and am often appalled by stories told of holidays abroad and the people who ride them.
Even, surprisingly, equine people, seem to think it is Ok to ride a 10hh donkey for 10 miles along a rough track.
I hope others who read this will, like me, pass this message around.