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9 December 2004
co durham
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I've just got back from Richmond after our 2nd British Novice since Jenny was injured.
I went down early to give myself time to do the clear round if I felt I needed to. When I got there I was horrified to see a rather spooky looking black wall with white blobs on it. I walked the course - fence 6 was the horrid wall. There was also a "bridge" fence with a small water tray underneath which we've jumped before but was on quite a sharp turn so the horses wouldn't have much time to size it up and the the last line was a 3 stride distance to a 1 stride double with an oxer coming out which was LOADS wider than any of the other oxers on the course.
I decided not to bother with the clear round as it was exactly the same course as the British Novice and was fully up to height so I didn't see the point.
I went and warmed Jenny up and was pleased to find she seemed in a "keen" mood - on our lesson through the week she had been laid back to the point where I was beginning to worry about her (if anyone knows Jenny they'll know she's normally v sharp LOL). Anyway no problems in the warm up so we went in to the class.
We jumped the first a small oxer no problems and then turned to fence 2 a larger oxer and rolled the front pole - I'm not sure why - possibly we were a little far off it? We jumped through the rest no bother until we were approaching the dreaded wall - she briefly hesitated about 3-4 strides out but just for a fraction of a second and then bounded over it no problem. She jumped the bridge no problems despite a rather wobbly line into it as we went into slight brake failure.
I tried to steady her into the final line and we very nearly took a stride out of the distance but she actually did listen to my half halt demands and put 2 proper strides and a fiddle in. It was only as we came to the final oxer that I remembered how wide it was (naively hoping it had been a mistake and someone had narrowed it in a bit ...... they hadn't) I think thats the widest jump I've ever done but it felt fine. So we ended on 4 faults but still not a bad round I thought as there were a few things I was worried about and neither of them caused any problems at all! Its about time I started having a bit more faith in myself I think!
Anyway I think I'll take her to Todburn next week after all - possibly for the 90cm amateur on the Saturday, seeing as she only jumped 1 round today. We are doing the area training on Tuesday at Stainsby Grange so hopefully that'll set us up well for Todburn.
Oh and there was a photographer there today so once the pics are online I'll post a link if anyone's interested to see them?