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27 July 2012
To register bsja it says I must provide the previous owner's name and address. We bought the pony off of a dealer in Ireland but he never filled the passport out in his name:rolleyes:. The only name in the passport is the breeder's and his address. I also needed the same information to change the pony over in my name. I contacted the CPBS (Connemara pony breeders society) and found a way round changing the passport without it but not sure how to find a way round with bsja. should I call them and explain the situation. Also how long would it take for the membership to be autherised so I can go out competing. Was looking to register mid may end of may would this allow me enough time to compete at one of their shows on The 6th of May.
Please get back to me asap.
TIA :)


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17 August 2008
I dont think that is what the rules actually say. A hiatus in ownership when the animal passes through a dealer isn't unusual. You are not showing. It doesn't matter for BS purposes whether the animal is pure bred. Only that any points accrued under BSI are correctly recorded. Presumeably it is microchipped - that should provide the relevant reassurance.