Calmer for nervous horse


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11 January 2014
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I have a 17 year old arab x TB mare who finds life very stressful! When we hack out she feels on 'red alert' all the time and never feels as though she relaxes. I don't want her to feel like that as she does get quite worked up and can sometimes sweat up; her reactions to small things are 'over the top' too.

Does anyone have any recommendations of supplements that would help (I don't want to sedate, just to take the edge off). I have tried NAF MAgic powder which I don't feel has made any difference at all.

Many thanks


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8 April 2012
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She maybe magnesium deficient you can buy magnesium of e bay cheaply, if it makes no difference i have used equistro equilizer think its amimed which is the cheapest the other one is the natural way and thats camomile powder and vervain which you cant use vervain if you compete under rules look into thunderbrook herbs for this , all have worked for me!! its trail and error some works for some horses and not others!! good luck hun xxx