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Can anyone find me (rug shopping)


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12 January 2011
I am at my wits end with rug buying for my naughty sec A.
He needs a 5ft as he is quite long (and I like good bum coverage), but every 5ft rug I have bought him (pony cut or otherwise) is way too deep.
Even on the tightest the surcingles are too long and he gets his legs caught when rolling, which results in a trashed rug or a stuck pony.
I prefer a higher denier rug (1200d) and really don't need anything heavier than 100g as he is only partially clipped in winter.
The last casualty was a premier equine pony rug, well made, as even though he got his entire rear leg through the surcingles it didn't break. It was so tight I had to cut him out!
He is currently naked and happy, but I am desperate for a solution to this irksome issue!
19 July 2010
I have shortened the surcingles an a few rugs over the years especially when I had youngsters. I have a couple of GFS turnouts which are great, waterproof rugs but they must have been designed for pregnant mares as the surcingles on those are super long even on fully grown, tubby horses. :( It is one of the downsides of 'low set' surcingles - which are often listed as a positive thing in the rug description - as they are far less adjustable than high set surcingles.

What brands have you tried? I can remember that both Amigo and Rhino were OK without adjusting the surcingles on my youngsters, so if even they are too long that would be useful to know.


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3 April 2008
I got a masta which fits my little Welsh A perfectly. I’m not sure which model, I think it’s a climate masta. It was the one you can get liners for and I got it from the Harry Hall website.
its 1200 denier and 100g