Can I bore you all :D


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28 June 2009
I think everyone on FB is bored with my horsey status' and pics! so I'd like to bore another audience, please!

My boy came back from being backed on Sunday last week. I'm lucky to have a nice quiet lane about 1mile long at the yard where I had hacked him this week, he's been a gem :) even though its quiet I does have a train track that runs next to it (the main line to London) so we have passed the trains on foot before but still with me on him he still wasn't fazed :D

Tonight we went for a little loop around the village, I waited until 6.30, thinking the rush hour rat runners would have cleared, so as we came off the lane 3 cars came under the train bridge, so we had to wait for them! and as we went under the bridge a train came over!! he took this all in his stride! typically loads of cars came along whilst we were out, but despite not seem this much traffic before, he really stayed very calm!

We went under another bridge and 2 trains went over and again, didn't bat an eyelid!

We need to work on our waiting for cars to pass but all in all for our first hack out in a fairly busy village, im really happy with him!

A couple of token pics from his spring grass antics this morning!

and a token pic of my 29 yr old mare how started this hypo fit!!


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7 August 2013
Well done on getting out and about! You should be very pleased with yourself!