Canter pirouettes for dummies...and bonkers black ponies!


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17 July 2008
Take one slightly daft black pony, one bitless bridle and one garrocha pole. Realise black pony is slightly obsessed with idea of touching nose to bit of flappy gaffer tape on end of pole. Canter pony around arena one handed, gradually stop asking him to not touch the pole and sit up with leg on whilst circle gets smaller and smaller as he hunts down his stick. All of a sudden the shoulders come up, the hind end steps under on a tiny circle (3m?) the neck arches and I think 'beggar me, this is a pirouette!', let him to 3/4 of a turn and then ask him to stop trying to touch pole and go forwards, pony canters forwards. Gobsmacked!

I'm not saying this was a perfect pirouette, but it was an amazing level of collection and balance from the pony, and all because he wanted to touch his stick! Never fails to amaze me that pony.

No pirouette piccies but the pony and his garrocha!