Chatsworth IN Report!!!!!


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19 October 2008
well, a very very very long day. set off at 6am, returned home at 10:30 pm. 16 1/2 hour day, poor belvedere!!!

anyway, got there, got very stressed before the dressage as I realised I had forgotten the camera and then when I went to find the dressage my eyes didn’t work and got incredibly lost!
anyway, dressage, first intermediate test on him, and first test in sitting trot. sitting trot was fine and I was fairly happy with the test. he didn’t like the cows at the end of the arena though so was a bit 'heady'. Turns out I got 43.6. quite happy seeing as int test= harder and harder marked
we got two sevens too

then had 5 hours in which to watch Laura, walk course and watch 3* dressage etc etc.
was rather boring waiting so long, I hate long waits and so does belvedere, cue him being very switched off for show jumping.
I had thought the novice SJ had looked rather large, wide and square, so was :S about the IN SJ.
They added a fence to make a triple, and another upright and obviously put it up

I was rather green, haven’t done that height SJ course on him before, and it was a very impressive arena, with a grandstand!!!!!! mum tells me she was feeling ill as I was 4th to go and one person retired after having 7 down, someone else had 24 and someone else had 8.
Anyway, we had the 2nd- an upright down, then went well until the triple, nice pop in, nice strides throughout but tapped the middle element and down it plopped (poles were VERY thin and light, much thinner than normal poles). Then we had another down, a big square oxer, just didn’t pick up quick enough in front. was very worried coming down final line as was very aware I already had 12 faults, but he was fabby

overall, not pleased with SJ as have had 3 clears at nov so far. But not disappointed as it caused lots and lots of problems.. and he was clean over everything else.

Onto the Cross country. I have been working on getting him to move his legs faster between fences and getting away from the fence quicker, and it must have worked because although we were safe into the fences, we came inside the time (by 6 seconds
) I was then SHOCKED to see how many time pens other people had got....didn’t think I had gone particularly fast, and as I said, we were perfectly safe at all the fences.
anyway, very pleased for our first IN

rosettes went down to 12th and we came 11th!!!!!
so happy

would have been nice to be in top 10, but meh can’t complain.

Also met up with my sponsor, who had a surprise for me, a hoody saying ''Katherine Begley sponsored by country clothing, equestrian clothing and accessories''

photo (have permission)
sorry about my hat silk, I cut some corners to save time, and went under some trees which pulled it half off!!!!