Che is such a big baby!


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17 April 2008
N. Bucks
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He really doesn't like to get his head wet!! Went to bring him in this morning for his breakfast, it's raining quite heavy drizzly stuff. Normally walks across to meet me at the gate but this morning doesn't move, tucked under a hedge almost out of sight. Worried he might be hurt as he just peered out at me and didn't budge. Dutifully walked over and once I got level with him he came out really carefully, let me pop his headcollar on and then followed me all the way back to the yard with his head buried in the small of my back, I walked, he walked, I stopped, so did he fortunately!! On the way back out he did some really nice lateral work trying to keep dry, what a baby. Probably explains why he was nearly last in all his races, hiding from the rain
Still, he made me laugh with his antics and I do still love him.